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Wired2Perform® and Kuza Biashara Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Youth in Africa

Wired2perform’s Platform unlocks human capital performance which can impact Kuza’s audience of more than four million youth and 750,000 women in their careers.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2020 / -- Wired2Perform1® is on a mission to use their platform to revolutionize how workers connect with companies around the globe and help those people become more self-aware. Today, Wired2Perform® partners with African based company, Kuza2 Biashara, a Certified B Corporation whose mission is to advance social enterprises among the young workforce and ambitious entrepreneurs in its communities.

The partnership creates an opportunity for Wired2Perform® to integrate its robust platform which combines behavioral science and advanced analytics to help entrepreneurs in Africa grow their businesses and become successful leaders. Kuza’s management team and members will benefit from individual behavioral insights coupled with an advanced, user-friendly, analytics platform. Through this partnership, they will be supported to know how to continue to grow, optimize and thrive in the workforce and maximize their impact in their ecosystem.

“We are excited to partner with Kuza and work hand-in-hand to help youth discover their talents and skills,” said CEO & Founder, Raghu Misra. Additionally, Raghu said, “Self-awareness is something we believe should be available to all, not just a few and we are delighted to engage new users with our integrated platform to help advance their career goals.”

We are bringing purpose to our platform where the tools serve and help fuel the individual's personal and professional success. Companies need to re-think and be prepared for this influx of talent.”— Raghu Misra

Sriram Bharatam, founder and chief mentor of Kuza, recognized a need to tap into behavioral insights to help individuals understand their skills as they ventured into the workforce. The company had never used advanced behavioral assessments for its audience until its partnership with Wired2Perform®.

Kuza prides itself on being an organization where micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs come to learn, connect, and grow. Kuza recently rolled out the platform initially for a few hundred users with a goal of reaching and impacting millions of their constituents in different focus areas including sustainable agriculture and health, water sanitation and hygiene, and their women’s program.

One key component to the partnership is promoting the importance of self-awareness and ensuring young job-seekers and company visionaries discover their talents and skills to advance in the workforce and beyond, which can be done through the Wired2perform® platform. Misra believes understanding behavioral insights can positively impact interpersonal relationships in every aspect of life.

As part of Wired2Perform’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Wired2Perform® will be donating one membership to Kuza and other social enterprises for each new membership purchased by any of its users. Recently, Misra founded the Sapna Foundation3 that will help sync displaced workers with new opportunities through the power of Wired2Perform® putting people back to work. Misra has already had plenty of meetings and conversations with companies and organizations that want to join in this effort amid the increase in displaced workers in response to COVID-19.

“The value a young individual would receive from understanding themselves better is priceless,” said Bharatam. Kuza has worked diligently to create a social impact with African youth, however lacked the type of behavioral insights that Wired2Perform® can provide. A behavioral shift in the mindset of young entrepreneurs is monumental in helping them map out a successful life plan.”

The platform unlocks human capital performance which can impact Kuza’s audience of more than four million youth and 750,000 women to advance their careers. The assessment, which takes only a few minutes to complete, can help users to be more self-aware and create a benchmark baseline to compare against other entrepreneurs. This technology will also augment Kuza’s mentorship opportunities to help guide young entrepreneurs and create their own network within their industry.

For more information and to create a profile with Wired2Perform®, and learn about the Kuza initiative, visit

About Wired2Perform® Wired2Perform®, a purpose-driven company, is a next-generation talent growth platform that combines behavioral science and advanced analytics to sync people with their best available opportunities and helps talent leaders grow, optimize, and access a more agile workforce. Built for the now-of-work, Wired2Perform® talent growth platform continuously recalibrates individual profiles with new skills, interests, talents, and aspirations. Wired2Perform® believes in changing the future of work into a more meaningful and harmonious space through the platform’s online community. It helps employees tap into their passions and potential. Learn more at

About Kuza Biashara Kuza Biashara, a social enterprise and B-Corporation, is a mobile-first micro-learning platform offering youth, women and micro-entrepreneurs from informal communities with opportunities to learn, connect and grow on their own terms and pace. Learn more at

Raghu Misra Wired2Perform +1 904-422-2321

Raghu Misra Founder and CEO of Wired2PerformSriram Bharatam, Founder and Chief Mentor of Kuza

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