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CEO of St. Johns Chamber of Commerce, Isabelle Renault, Joins Foundation’s Founding Advisory Panel

Sapna Foundation today announced its newest addition to its Founding Advisory Panel, Isabelle Renault, president and CEO, St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce.

PONTE VEDRA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 / -- Sapna Foundation today announced its newest addition to its Founding Advisory Panel, Isabelle Renault, president and CEO, St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce. Renault has worked with individuals and businesses of all kinds that will help inform the Sapna Foundation's work. With over two decades with the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce, Isabelle Renault will bring esteem, hands-on experience, and know-how to help launch this new foundation to support businesses connecting with those searching for employment. She joins seven other Advisory Panel members as the first woman; the panel members hail from diverse technological and legal fields.

Founder of Sapna, Raghu Misra, when asked why he considered Renault for the panel, said, “Isabelle has been a champion for many in the St. Johns Country area and has a proven tenacity for getting things done and a deep understanding of people.”

The Sapna platform uses a new approach to connect displaced workers with organizations needing talent. By looking at the individual holistically and considering their talents, skills, and aspirations, Sapna leverages their partner’s Wired2Perform® behavioral science and data analytics platform to share this information with employers seeking candidates. The database can be queried by businesses considering an expansion or relocation to St. Johns County to assess the quality of the available workforce.

We want to look back on this monumental time and reflect on being a part of the solution to help individuals find opportunities that help them live holistic and fulfilled lives.”— Raghu Misra

Before her experience with the Chamber, Renault’s experience was with the National Employment Agency in France (Pôle Emploi). Her role in the Job Reclassification Unit of the agency was to help recently laid-off employees find a new career path by transferring them out of the declining plastic manufacturing industry to developing industry. Renault consulted with job seekers enrolled in the program to identify their transferable skills and the training needed to fill skill gaps.

When asked why she agreed to join the Sapna Advisory Board, Renault said, “Our world is evolving rapidly and requires employees to adapt quickly to the changing employment market. A speedy way to do that is to shift focus from the standard resume to identifying the skill sets, talents, and aspirations of workers and match these with employers.” The Sapna Foundation makes it possible to have that pool of talent readily available for our community employers. “I am also excited that Sapna’s platform Wired2Perform® removes potential bias. Indeed, the data reveals the skill sets that are needed to grow your business. The unique data collection paradigm allows backgrounds and personalities to become assets, not barriers.”

About the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce is to deliver continuous value-added service to our members and the community, resulting in a business environment and quality of life where existing businesses have the opportunity to prosper, and new businesses find it attractive to locate to St. Johns County. To learn more about the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce or become a member, visit, call 904.829.5681, or connect on Facebook

About the Sapna Foundation

Sapna Foundation provides tools and services for people in the midst of career transition. Often people's resumes or what they have done doesn't translate to opportunities easily. This includes laid-off people, incarcerated, Defense to the private sector, even students & recent graduates. Sapna has created a new way to look at individuals holistically and help them find opportunities. For more information, please visit

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