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Sapna Foundation was created to help the recently - displaced Workforce To Sync Their Talents With Opportunities - Without Having to Rely Solely on Resumés.

Sapna has partnered with Wired2Perform® to utilize its talent growth platform to empower job seekers with a completely new way to assess their skills, interests, talents, and aspirations by utilizing behavioral science and advanced analytics.

Employers can then use that information to find candidates who are an ideal fit based on a genuine, holistic profile of the person - rather than just a resumé, the contents of which might not easily translate to new roles and opportunities.

We want to help the authentic you not what you write on your resume - all FREE of charge.

Our Founder

Raghu Misra is a Serial Entrepreneur with a good balance of successes and failures. He is the Founder of Wired2Perform®, a next-generation talent growth platform that's building workforce agility for what's next and for "the link," a tech innovation hub in Nocatee. He is an Investor and Mentor for many entrepreneurs.

Raghu started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 17 years old in India. He co-founded his first company in the USA called ShipXpress, which was sold to GE Transportation in 2016.

“Someone who lost a job in retail, travel or hospitality needs to realize they have skills and abilities that translate to other fields or roles, and we’ve created a tool that helps them identify exactly what those are and how they can benefit a new employer,” said Sapna’s founder Raghu Misra, who is also the founder and CEO of Wired2Perform.


Misra had a long term goal of starting a foundation aimed at alleviating poverty but was inspired to change the focus when Jacksonville-based Stein Mart announced it would be closing stores and laying off its entire workforce. 

“I woke up the next night asking myself, ‘What are you waiting for?’”, said Misra. “COVID-19 is forcing millions of people out of their jobs and forcing them into new careers. We can help them identify their skills and talents, showcase them in ways that no resumé can, so they can get back into the workforce and do what they would be good at.” 

Misra chose the name Sapna for the foundation because it means dream in Hindi.

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Founding Advisory Panel

William Jackman.jpg

William Jackman

Rogers Towers P.A

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Pete Cochrane.jpg

Pete Cochrane

IR Resources

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Kevin Kennedy.jpg

Kevin Kennedy


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Alex Guastella.jpg

Alex Guastella


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Bingham Parkinson.jpg

Bingham Parkinson

BMEL Business Solutions, LLC

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Adam Lowe.jpg

Adam Lowe

C-Suite Executive

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Isabelle Renault.jpg

Isabelle Renault

St. Johns Chamber of Commerce

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Sriram Bharatam Sapna.jpg

Sriram Bharatam

Kuza Baishara

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Raghu Misra

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Founder of Wired2Perform and The Link

John Delaney Sapna Foundation Board Memb

John Delaney

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Rogers Towers P.A, Ex-Mayor of Jacksonville, Ex-President of University of North Florida


Image by Lance Asper
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